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The Innovation in Aviation School Holiday Awareness Programme (ASHAP) will see high school students coming together to innovate and create as they work with the TAOA team to bring a bit of magic to Aviation and Understanding the various career options.

From defining Aviation careers which they will thrive in and access to specific jobs in the Aviation industry, solving impossible challenges of funding for the chosen career to planning for the life after grade 12. Our Innovation Camp will see students spending three days working with the TAOA team as they tackle a series of challenges to bring a bit of magic and fun to Aviation. This three-day camp has been designed to fuse Aviation and Tourism Careers with the use of Technology with Entrepreneurship, Aviation and Innovation to provide a fun, fast paced program for students as they work with industry mentors to innovate and create.

Hosted at TAOA Headquarters in Beau Valley, students will be touring the facilities to explore all of the different roles in the Aviation industry and the opportunity to meet some of the role models in the various Aviation careers which help airlines to soar to success. With no prior experience needed, this is a fantastic opportunity for passionate and driven young people looking to gain some experience innovating and creating in a real-world environment over their school holidays. 

Day One – Monday

Day one will see students exploring an introduction to Aviation Careers and participate in a team building challenge to identify their strengths and weaknesses whilst matching specific career options with each personality. The Emotional Intelligence module will assist learners to understand their abilities and strengths. Complete the day with CRM lesson to fuse all Aviation services and their importance to the success of each flight.

Day Two - Tuesday

Start the day by travelling to two Airports (O.R Tambo &Rand Airport) and explore and learn about aircrafts and what makes them fly. The tour is intended to assign each career to the success of every flight that departs and lands. Observe the similar roles in action. As we compare what the customer sees to what happens behind the scenes, we will also be working with Ground Staff and flight crew as we tackle innovation challenges at the airport. “A day in the life of an Aviator” 

Day Three - Wednesday

After building an understanding of the Industry and meeting some of the people behind the airline services, day three will see participants working on a series of innovation challenges in the aviation space - from designing aircrafts, simulating some of the carer roles in our simulator to presenting how aircrafts fly, students will be then finishing the day by pitching their innovations and ideas to the TAOA team!

To finish off the camp, we will be working out of in the banks of the Crocodile River to wrap up our expedition and bring perspective into these 200 billion industries and how we as a team will add value to the economy and the Aviation industry.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

What time is the ASHAP Innovation in Aviation Camp?

Our camp will be running from 08h00 to 16h00 each day. Students are asked to be checked in the day before the camp at between 14h00 to 17h00 at TAOA Facility located at Beau Valley and collected on the last day from 15h00 to 17h00. 

Who is the ASHAP Innovation in Aviation Camp for?

Our Innovation in Aviation Camp has been designed for high school students (Grade 11 - 12) with interests in aviation and tourism industry or looking for a fulfilling career. No prior knowledge is required, all we ask is that students are passionate and willing to learn.

What do we bring?

We ask that students bring their own linen and pillow, Jeans, Takkies and a sweater for colder days. We will be providing all meals throughout the camp as well as pens and paper for all activities. Learners will receive T-shirts and Caps for the camp in their welcome pack.

What will students have at the end of the camp?

By the end of the camp students will be presenting their ideas formed by the challenge set to them around innovation in aviation. Through the camp they will be developing skills in critical and creative thinking, team work and collaboration, networking, pitching and design thinking. 

How much will the whole ASHAP camp cost the participants?

The camp is designed to harness talent within the participants by directing energies and innovation to where its best suited. The total Cost of the camp inclusive of all meals is R2999 for full three nights. Early bird specials do apply enquire at the Academy.

What are the Added benefits to attending the ASHAP?

Students who attend the ASHAP camp will be clearer in terms of which careers they will follow at the completion of their grade 12 year. The students will also access a special study skills module which will pave their way forward in preparing for their Grade 12 final exams. Finally, student will automatically receive a free registration to our SFAC (Super Flight Attendant Course) programme and a further R1000 discount when registering at the end of the ASHAP for next year SFAC. A whooping R1500 discount.

How can participants get to Beau Valley?

Students will have GPS locations sent to them upon registration and payment of all camp fees. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the team at info@theacademyofaviation.co.za  or simply WhatsApp or Call at 082 764 2383