RPC – Remote Pilot Certificate Licence (Drone Pilot) – 15 -21 Days Full Time ALL Inclusive 2024


Become a legal drone pilot with our 3-week course. Get the skills and knowledge you need to fly drones for commercial purposes. Our course is accredited by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). Get started today and join the growing drone industry


Take your drone experience to the next level and fly legally with the Remote Pilot Competency Licence course. Our 3-week course, accredited by SACAA, will give you the skills and knowledge to use drones for commercial purposes. Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional, our course will help you become an expert in drone flight and operations. Start flying legally and safely today with Remote Pilot Licence!

The Remote Pilot Competency Licence (RPC) training course is divided into four sections.  This is a 3 Week Full Time Programme or 7 Weeks Part Time

All our training Theory and Practical is conducted at our premises in Honeydew, Johannesburg and is accredited by the SACAA

This cost is Inclusive of VAT and is inclusive of the below:

  • Classroom Theory (Ground School) & Practical Training
  • Theory & Practical Assessment
  • R/T Course
  • R/T Practical Exam
  • ELP – English Language Proficiency Assessment
  • Simulator Flight Time
  • Practical Flight Time
  • Medical and X-Ray – Class III Medical – with our Doctors at the Academy or you can do this at a Appointed Aviation Approved Medical Doctor (On request we can supply you with a list)
  • SACAA Costs : RPC – Issuing of Competency Licence, R/T Exam @SACAA.

We do all your document submissions for the SACAA and booking of your R/T Exam on your behalf

This cost does not include below:

  • Accommodation and Catering (Prices on request)
  • Travelling to and from the Academy daily
  • 2 Passport/ID Photos (Required for SACAA Licence)
  • Pilot Log Book @ R440 VAT Exclusive
  • Rewrite/Reassessment of NYC (Not Yet Competent Assessments Results) Exams

Being transparent and upfront is the ethos of our Institution