Opportunity!!! Remote Pilot Certificate Licence Sponsorhsip

Skills required to be a Drone Pilot

  • an understanding of maths and physics
  • an ability to understand technical information, as pilots need to know how their aircraft works
  • excellent spatial awareness and coordination
  • good communication skills
  • teamwork skills
  • the ability to think quickly and make decisions in difficult situations
  • the capacity to remain calm under pressure
  • discipline, self-confidence and commitment
  • leadership skills, with the ability to give clear commands
  • have logic and be able to think for yourself
  • ability to understand and not just rote learn
  • a strong interest in aviation.
  • the ability to think in 3D
  • accept considerable responsibility.

Aviation is a disciplined industry and Drones form part of this industry, there is extensive studying involved, and this qualification is extremely intense and not easy but no means.  It takes dedication and long hours of studying..

Strict selection criteria is in place and only candidates with this relevant criteria will be accepted and you would need to complete a questionaire to submit your application. *Terms and Conditions do apply*

Step 1 is to complete the questionaire honestly below, there is no wrong or right answer. A panel will evaluate your application and you will be notified in writing via email or WhatsApp if you are selected or unsuccessful. Make sure you fill in your correct details. If you are successful with the first stage there will be a next process to follow, which will be explained to you via email and details of the programme. Please ensure that you enter your correct personal details, to enable us to communicate with you.


  • 18 to 28 Years of Age
  • Be able to attend training away from home for 4 weeks
  • Passed Matric/Grade 12 in the last 6 Years
  • Have NO Criminal record
  • Be Healthy and have no underlying medical conditions (This is required for a Pilot Licence by the SACAA) 
  • You must be able to pass a Class 3 Medical Exam
  • Be a South African Citizen with a Valid ID No.
  • Be able to travel around South Africa
  • Have a VALID Drivers Licence
  • Be able to attend an interview if requested at your own cost and then if selected for the programme, you will need to travel to the Academy at your own cost and back again after completion* We are based in Honeydew Johannesburg Gauteng

Complete the Questionaire below

This is not a scam and is totally above board, legit and legal. We value our brand and work with integrity, and we are serious about developing youth skills and employment in South Africa.

Only submit your application if you are serious about a career in aviation as a Drone Pilot, and understand what a drone is and what a Drone Pilot does and if this would be suitable for you as a individual. Minimal space avaialble.


PLEASE NOTE the decision by the panel is final and no negotiation will be entered into.