RPC - Remote Pilot Certificate Licence

Part of the 4th IR (Industrial Revolution) in the Aviation industry, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, or commonly known as Drones, is the future for passionate aviators and new careers.

Unlike manned aviation, the exponential growth adoption of drone technology in key sectors like Agriculture, Conservation, Logistics, Marine, Construction, Engineering and Mining, too name a few, offers huge opportunities for businesses in these industries to lower costs and make the businesses more efficient. Within saying this, it has created huge opportunities and demand for Drone Pilots.

The Academy of Aviation offers a SACAA Accredited RPAS Training Program for students looking to become a Qualified RPC Holder.
The Remote Pilot Certificate Licence (RPC) training course is divided into 4 Sections

First Section – Theory 

Five full days of classroom based training –

The following modules are covered in the training:                                                     

1.Introduction to Drones
2. Air Law
3. Airspace and Navigation
4. Radio Communication Procedures (Extensive Radio Lectures are done)
5. Communication  Components
6. Command and Control C2 link
7. Meteorology
8 Aerodynamics
9. Emergency Procedures
10. Human Factors
11. Maintenance and Preflight Inspection Procedures

An SACAA Accredited Theory Exam is written at our premises, on this section in our approved exam centre.

Second Section – R/T & ELP                                                                                                                                           

R/T – Radio Telephony – This is covered in your theory component – However a Restricted Telephony Exam is written @ SACAA, and you are required to pass a practical assessment with our SACAA Registered Examiner at our premises.

ELP – English Language Proficiency – This is a requirement from SACAA, and a 1 Day training is conducted with an Accredited Examiner. A student who has passed Matric as Home Language or First Additional Language with 60% or above will be exempted from ELP.

Third Section – Practical Training                                                                                                         

 Sessions are done on our simulator prior to going onto the field. A Practical one-on-one flight training is done with an Instructor (this is dependent on the individuals skill level, availability of the Instructor and Student). This training is conducted at our premises on our SACAA approved Drone Field. at our premises.

Fourth Section – Practical Assessment                                                                                                                          

A skills test will be completed with a SACAA RPC Designated UAV Examiner. Your skills test is done at our premises on our SACAA Approved Drone Field.

The duration of the course is full time 15 – 21 Days to qualify for your Remote Pilot Competency.

Part time classes are also accommodated for students that are unable to attend full time, should it warrant enough students attending.

Within in regulations, the final skills test must be completed within 90 Days of the final Theory exam when doing it part time.

You will be required to provide the following:
✈︎ 2 (two) Colour ID Photos
✈︎ 2 (two) Copies of Certified ID/Passport
✈︎ Matric or Tertiary Certificate (For ELP)
✈︎ Class 3 Medical (We will assist with this)
✈︎ You will be required to sign an Indemnity Form and Contract (This will be provided)

The Academy of Aviation  will assist with the documents for SACAA and all the relevant procedures.

The Academy of Aviation offers:

  1. Initial Drone Pilot Licence/Competency

  2. Revalidation of RPC (RPC Holders are required to revalidate their licences every 2 years)

  3. BVLOS (Beyond Visual  Line Of Sight) Rating

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