This course gives you the extra edge into the aviation industry! when applying for that job

The Aviation industry is amongst the fastest growing industries in the world. It focusses on employing young people for their flexible energetic positive attitudes.  We at AOA Training Academy are proud to incorporate over 6 different Aviation careers in one to give our learner access to this wonderful world of Aviation and Tourism.  Do you want to be part of the growing industry?

Our 16 Week Course Full time will keep you excited with various modules such as the Emotional Intelligence Course, Initial Cabin Crew Course (CCM), Basic Computer Literacy Course, Amadeus GDS Travel Booking System Course, Basic Airline Customer Service Course, Interview and Job-Hunting Skills, Leadership and lastly a Job Shadowing opportunity to finally conceptualize your dream job.

This career is for both Male and Female equally.

Start the course off with the CCM – Initial Cabin Crew Course (7 Weeks)

Flight Attendants provide excellent Customer Service to passengers while ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the flight. They are trained to deal with security and emergency situations which may arise and can administer first aid to passengers. Representing an airline as a cabin crew member is a unique and wonderful opportunity. Besides being a Safety Officer on board an aircraft, you will be a Customer Service Professional employed to fulfill the needs and requirements of your airline’s customers. Your role will include all aspects of Cabin Safety, First Aid and Customer Service. This is the most rewarding career in the world.

Once that is complete you go on to do the below courses for the remainder of SFAC

✈︎ Emotional Intelligence Course

✈︎ Initial Cabin Crew Course

✈︎ Basic Computer Literacy

✈︎ Amadeus GDS course – Travel Booking System

✈︎ Aviation Customer Service Course

✈︎ Interview and Job-Hunting Skills

✈︎ Leadership Skills

 ✈︎ Job Shadowing Program 

✈︎  Onboard Passenger Service

✈︎ Silver Service For First Class

These extra skills will allow you the opportunity to explore, different careers in the industry, and start off with one of the job you prefer and then work your way to what your goal would be.  Sometimes a position you desire is not available immediately, however with all these skills you have acquired, you can apply for a position in aviation that is available, and then start with networking within the industry, which will open doors of opportunity to your ideal position and career.  This is the reality of building your ideal career.

You are ask Why is this important?…… most of the airlines when seeking employees require applicants to have a Valid Drivers Licence. So we have made it easier for you.  Do your course, get your qualification and get your Drivers Licence while attending the course, when you leave The Academy of Aviation you are ready to start working immediately. 

After qualifying, we have a graduation ceremony to show everybody how hard you have worked.

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AOA making it easier for you. 

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