BVLOS stands for Beyond Visual Line of Sight, which refers to the operation of drones beyond the pilot’s direct line of sight. A BVLOS course is a specialized training program designed to teach drone pilots the skills, knowledge, and techniques necessary to safely and legally operate drones in BVLOS situations.

In many countries, the use of drones for commercial purposes is regulated by aviation authorities, which require drone pilots to obtain specific certifications and follow strict guidelines. BVLOS operations are considered to be more complex and riskier than visual line of sight (VLOS) operations, which require the pilot to maintain direct line of sight with the drone at all times. As a result, BVLOS training courses are typically more advanced and comprehensive than VLOS training courses.

A typical BVLOS training course may cover topics such as BVLOS regulations, airspace management, flight planning and execution, navigation and communication, technology and sensors, risk assessment and emergency procedures, and data analysis and debriefing. Upon completion of the course, drone pilots will do a final exam with a DUE (Designated UAV Examiner) and be eligible to obtain a BVLOS certification, which allows them to legally operate drones in BVLOS situations for commercial purposes at a distance further than 500 meters.

Prerequisites for the BVLOS Course – Candidate to be a current and valid RPC (Previously known as RPL) holder

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