Our Training Rooms

State of the art training rooms, to ensure transfer of knowledge at its best

We have interactive training boards, to ensure you have interactive training sessions

Our Accommodation

Dormitory style, just like University.  Live, eat and breathe aviation with all your colleagues

We make sure you are comfortable, have a great experience at the academy.

Outside our Premises

We are based in Honeydew, Johannesburg, with beautiful sunsets and views to make sure you enjoy your stay.

Relax on the amazing balcony, calm quiet  environment , perfect for studying and quiet time. 

Inside our Premises

We have plenty of space for you to roam, sit and do your thing.  No need to always be in each other s hair. It is yours to enjoy

From a reception area, to a pub changed into a coffee bar, to a lounge chill area with an array of games to play, training rooms all over. Enjoy your time with us.

Our View to share with you

Breathtaking views, and  17 Hectares to go walk about in.  Know that you are in nature, yet close enough to the city.

You can sit on the deck by the river  and ponder on your learnings for the day or week. Amazing quietness to studying in and ensure you achieve the results you want.

Our Mock Up Area for Training

We have a mock up area of an aircraft, where we train you as if you are on the aircraft. Shouted commands this is where you do it.

Only the best for our students, ensuring that you have the most amazing experience while training with us before you become qualified.