As a plug in extra for our Flight Attendant Course, we have partnered with a reputable Driving School. You need to be a student of our academy to take advantage of this course.

The driving school instructor will assist in the booking of your Learners Licence, prepping for it and then your writing of the Learners Licence. If you already have your Learners Licence then you move to your actual learning to drive a car.

Once you have achieved your Learner Licence, the partnered Driving School will start you on your journey to learn to drive and then you do your final Driver Licence test.

Once you have signed up with The Academy of Aviation you stay on the premises in the dormitory, and after class for the day, the driving school will collect you for your driving lesson from The Academy and return you back there again.

Why is it important to have a Drivers Licence as a Cabin Crew Member/Flight Attendant? Well most commercial airlines when recruiting for this position put it as a requirement for all applicants to have a valid Drivers Licence.

This is not a stand alone course we offer, you need to be enrolled as a resident student with The Academy of Aviation to qualify for this plug in course.

This enables you when you leave The Academy of Aviation to be Qualified as a Cabin Crew Member and also have your Driver Licence, which means you are ready for the working world and employable!  It also assists your Parents/Guardians etc to have peace of mind that you are receiving all the necessary skills and qualifications to be work ready.