* Next UASMT Course starts Beginning July 2024*

The Academy of Aviation (Pty) Ltd has been established since 2008.

With the 4th Industrial Revolution in our midst, this is one of the careers of the future.
Drones are everywhere, and Remote Pilots in demand, but with that comes the need to have services and repairs on drones/UAV’s.
Hence the Unmanned Aerial System Maintenance Technician (UASMT) career is born. If your passion is aviation  and the technical side of this industry, then this course is for you.
Learn how to service, fault finding and repair a Drone.
Whether it be Multi-Rotor or Fixed Wing, the requirement is needed.

This course runs over 2 weeks full time, consisting of 10 days with a weekend in between. Both theory and practical are trained.

Upon successful completion of your course, you will be required to do acertain amount of hours at a Authorised Repair Centre and log your hours.
Once this is completed, you can complete your application with the SACAA and will need to pay the SACAA Fee  for the issuing of UAS Maintenance Technician Letter of Authorization (UASMT).

As part of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and new careers, this is one of them.  Remote Mainteance Technicians are needed to service and repair drones. As a drone technician, you repair UAV/UAS/Drones. You select the best euipment for repairing each drone, test its systems after repairing it to ensure the drone is functioning properly, and order additional parts as needed to help reduce repair times.  Drones are currently growing in popularity, and new models are coming out regularly, so flexibility and the ability to learn how to repair and perform maintenance on many different types of drones is essential to success in this field. 

The Academy of Aviation  offers a 10 Days Full Time Course to be a Drone Maintenance Technician otherwise known as RMT – Remote Maintenance Technician